September 5, 2017 Meeting – ERC’s Back to School Night!

Do you think since your children are grown, education is no longer an issue for you? Think again! After decades of indoctrination and a deliberate dumbing down, our schools have produced citizens (including legislators, journalists, and tens of millions of voters) who believe America is oppressive, socialism is cool. and science is based on consensus!

Lt. Col. Roy White is a retired Air Force fighter pilot of 20 years service who is a native of North Carolina but now resides in the Texas Hill Country outside of San Antonio. In 2013 when Texas was considering new instructional materials, Roy, a former school teacher, began what has become the largest national grass-roots organization dedicated to returning truth to our children’s social studies textbooks. His organization, Truth in Textbooks (TNT), has grown from a Texas-only effort that now stretches from California to Florida to North Carolina to New York. Organizing and training over 150 volunteers from 20 states and disseminating their research has resulted in millions of children now having more historically-accurate information within their classroom walls. He will be addressing Truth in Textbooks, and the success which has come from dedicated citizens who do the tireless research.

Sharon Hanek is an accountant, community volunteer, wife, and mother who became active in the political arena when she became involved in education issues. Her “mother bear” instincts brought her into the political arena, where she has run for office and is the current Vice Chair of the Pierce County Republican Party. She now travels around the state presenting her findings and advising others on how to navigate through Olympia. Over the years, Sharon has been a guest on local and national radio programs. She believes that citizens getting involved can change our state, and is committed to helping others learn to be a strong voice in their community and in politics. Sharon will be addressing Truth and Deception in Washington schools.

We will also hear from Jinyoung Lee Englund, who is running for State Senate in the 45th District. A third-generation Washingtonian and married to an active-duty U.S. Marine, Jinyoung has ten years technology and public policy experience solving problems: securing funding for an NGO providing clean water in Africa; serving constituents in Congress as a staff member for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers; educating the public, government and law enforcement on Bitcoin and Blockchain; and Product Manager and Advisor on Technology and Innovation for the U.S. Marine Corps. Her campaign is focused on opposing an income tax, reducing car tab taxes, and prioritizing education. She will share her views on education funding among other important topics.

Finally, the Club will conduct a brief Special Business Meeting to elect a new President to serve the remainder of Tim Cruickshank’s unexpired term.