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Welcome to Eastside Republican Club!

Eastside Republican Club provides an opportunity to get to know other conservatives
and become involved in the political process. Members meet monthly for dinner and to hear
speakers discuss topics such as public policy, politics and current events.

Click Here to see the winners of the 2016 ERC Scholarship Essay Program.

Upcoming Program

Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Ramiro Valderrama, Marty McClendon, and Glen Morgan
Special Program Start Time: 6:30PM

Ramiro Valderrama   Marty McClendon   Glen Morgan

Ramiro Valderrama is Deputy Mayor of Sammamish, running for State Representative in the 45th Legislative District. He was recently re-elected to the Sammamish City Council with 83% of the vote. He serves as vice chair of the Regional Law, Safety, and Justice Committee, and a board member of Eastside Fire and Rescue. He holds a BS from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Masters in Engineering Administration from George Washington University.

Marty McClendon is running for Lieutenant Governor of Washington state. He is co-host of the nightly radio program "Eyes of Washington" on AM 1590, and a board member of Eastside Republican Club. A pastor and successful Realtor, Marty is enthusiastic about the future for Washington and what that means for its citizens. He believes there is always an opportunity to do things differently, to be better, to be smarter, and to build bridges throughout the State where all of Washington can be represented and to benefit.

Glen Morgan is Founder and Executive Director of We The Governed, a non-profit organization that supports activists and citizens who believe that government is too big, abusive, corrupt, and incompetent. Chairman of the board of directors of the Rochester School District and executive director of the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, he previously served as Grassroots Director and the Property Rights Director at Freedom Foundation. He is a frequent writer and speaker on property rights, the environmental movement, Big Government, and the importance of citizen activism.


Regular meetings are held at Embassy Suites Bellevue.
Dinner is served at 6:00PM, and the program begins at 6:45PM.
Please RSVP Online if you plan to attend the upcoming meeting.
Monthly dinner meetings cost $20 per person.

Membership in Eastside Republican Club is $25 per person per calendar year.
Premium membership is $50 (Silver) or $100 (Gold) per person per calendar year.

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Eastside Republican Club - P.O. Box 40302 - Bellevue, WA 98015 - Email: info (at) eastsiderepublicanclub.org