2016 ERC Scholarship Essay Program $500 Recipient
Katherine Robertson, Bellevue, Texas Christian University

This question is very difficult because there are so many people whose acts I admire but who don’t necessary represent all of my principles and ideals. However, when I was down in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas last weekend for “admitted students’ day” at Texas Christian University, my dad and I visited the President George W. Bush Library and I learned more about him and his wife, Laura Bush. In learning about Mrs. Bush, I came to deeply admire her. Mrs. Bush provides an excellent example for young people across the United States. Her service to our Nation as First Lady demonstrated graciousness, intelligence, open-mindedness, and caring for the people of our country. Her commitment to literacy and education inspires me as a young woman who is seeking to obtain the extensive education needed to become a physician. I also identify with her and her husband’s care and commitment to the men and women in the U.S. Military. My plan for my early career in medicine is to join the military after medical school with the goal of becoming a reconstructive plastic surgeon in order to help our soldiers and sailors who are traumatically injured during their service regain both their physical and emotional health by helping them repair and heal and become “whole” again. I also identify with Laura Bush’s commitment to help people from other nations by promoting equality and health for women in other parts of the world. So many people do not have the good fortune of being born in the United States and those of us who have the means and skills have a moral obligation to use our efforts to help those who may be oppressed or suffering by going to their home nations to help improve their lives and society. After I am trained as a physician I plan to use some of my time to serve people in less affluent countries as part of the Doctors without Borders program. This is one reason as to why I plan to continue my progress as a Spanish speaker by double-majoring in Spanish and Neuroscience. I also admire that Laura Bush is outspoken about issues she cares about, even if it ruffles a few feathers. My mom is both an attorney and an elected official. She taught me to engage on issues that are important to me and to not be afraid to share my opinion, even if it is unpopular. Finally, I admire how devoted Laura Bush is to her children and family. Family is so important and she has demonstrated that a woman can make a difference in the world while still being an excellent mother, wife and grandmother. And though I will be attending the arch-rival of Mrs. Bush’s alma mater, we have a lot in common. We both know that family, sacrifice, commitment to others, education and sometimes a bit of outspoken frankness, are important American values that are worth preserving and fighting for.