ERC Officers for 2021

  • Doug Basler, President
  • Marty McClendonVice President
  • Kathleen Strong, Secretary
  • Michael Scheele, Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Donna Barr (2022)
  • Doug Basler (2023)
  • Derek Chartrand (2023)
  • Kerry French (2023)
  • Kyle Lyebyedyev (2022)
  • Marty McClendon (2023)
  • Michael Scheele (2023)
  • Kathleen Strong (2023)

The maximum number of directors is 9. Members of the board serve two-year terms. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting, which is held in January. The board may fill vacancies at any board meeting. The list above indicates the year of expiration of each board member’s current term.

Officers serve one-year terms. The President is elected by the general membership of the Club; other officers are elected by the Board.

If you’re a member of the Club and interested in serving on the board, please make it known to any board member.